All around the globe, people have observed the International Women’s Day by commemorating the importance of those vital portion of the society who play key roles in our daily life. Similarly, Google took itself to express its gratitude towards all the women through its apps store. As a honor, the dedicated Women’s Day banner which is set up on Play Store takes us to the apps that are crafted by some inspiring women from every corner of the world.

Celebrating Women Who Inspire Us

If you’ve missed it some days ago. No problam as you can click on the above picture that directly takes you to the Women Day Special page on Google Play. Aren’t the apps awesome and cool? Yes, hats-off two those women developers for hitting the long-prevailed social stigma that “women are short of men particularly in the area of intense coding”, out of the park.

That said, we’ve also got some more premium apps for this special week that you can get it free. Below you can find apps ranging across the categories: games, icon packs along with some general apps. They’re free for limited period as in the most of Play Store deals we’ve put here so far. So have a look at them.


  1. VFR GPS Airplane Navigation (€8,99 -> free): Download
  2. HD Wallpapers – Full HD (Pro) (₹35 -> Free ): Download
  3. OnSite Checklist – Quality & Safety Inspector (€6,99 -> free): Download
  4. Learn Italian with Mosalingua (€5,49 -> free): Download
  5.  English for all! Pro (€0,59 -> free): Download
  6. MamaLingua: Learn Spanish (€2,19 -> free): Download
  7. Super Shortcuts ᴾᴿᴼ (€2,19 -> free): Download


  1. Tee and Mo Play Time (€1,09 -> free) Download
  2. Endless Adventure – A Roguelike Full Party RPG Download
  3. Flow levels  Download
  4. Shootout on Cash Island Download
  5. Maze Planet 3D Pro  Download
  6. Creativity Games  Download
  7. Infinity Duels  Download
  8. Classic Sudoku PRO(No Ads) —> $2.49 to FREE: Download
  9. Dead Bunker 4 Apocalypse Download
  10. Defense Zone HD – Defense Zone 2 HD – Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD
  11. Alien Seasons: Download
  12. Data Defense (₹260 -> ₹50) Download

Icon Packs

  1. Vigour Icons- Icon Pack (₹65 -> Free )Download
  2. Ronio – Icon Pack  Download
  3. 6 Icon Packs + 1 App of le0maz  Download
  4. Flatsic, Mazic, Olix, Retax, Umlix
  5. Purezza – Icon Pack Download
  6. Delux Black Pixel – S9 Icon Pack Download
  7. Ravic – Icon Pack  Downlaod
  8. S7 UI – Icon pack  Download


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