YouTube Go – the compressed version of YouTube app has finished its beta testing and is now in stable build. The latest build carries a version number of 0.6.59 and is readily available on Google Play Store for downloading. But, only in select developing countries such as India and Indonesia.


In case if you don’t know, the YouTube Go was partially released by Google earlier this year, that substantially reduces the bandwidth usage while playing videos and caters more user-friendly features. Literally, it’s a boon for people who doesn’t have enough data availability near their premises.

Moreover, the Go version of YouTube is of mere 7MB in size compared to the bulky 24-25MB of normal YouTube Android app. It also provides an option for downloading videos and to locally store on phone or SD card. Then the videos can be transferred to another mobile via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi too, if needed.

As an icing on the cake, this light-weight YouTube app can be installed on even older Android versions back to Jellybean(4.1). Natives of India or Indonesia can download the app from Play Store. Doesn’t belongs to either region? No problem, you can download and sideload it from Apkmirror.


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