Google Reportedly Planing to Launch its Own Handset By the end of this Year


The Search engine Gaint reportedly Planing to Launch its self made Handset By the end of this Year. Presently, Google produces its Nexus devices with the partnership of some well Known manufacturers.

Google PhoneCiting a senior source, The Telegraph writes:

The technology giant is in discussions with mobile operators about releasing a Google-branded phone that will extend the company’s move into hardware, sources familiar with the discussions told The Telegraph.

By this new Phone Google will take more control over the design, manufacturing and software of the Phone. Earlier this month, Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked about the search giant being “more opinionated as to the design of the phone.”

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As Google is making its own phone that doesn’t mean that the Nexus devices are gone,  as Pichai reiterated that Google is fully committed to working with OEMs and putting more “thought into our Nexus devices”. It’s just the case of Google exerting more control over the design and manufacturing of the handset,  like the Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C tablet.



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