Google messenger RCS

Google is rolling out RCS (Rich Communication Services) to some users of Google Messenger 2.0 in US. In case you don’t know what RCS includes the support of Send read receipts,” and “Show typing indicators and Pop Messages.

Google messenger RCS

Google Messenger App is the first Google App to support RCS Support. Currently have been enabled with Sprint customers who have a Google Pixel XL and Nexus 6P. But on Verizon Network you won’t be able to use the RCS feature and the reason for this is Google is testing this feature out on a limited number of Google Messenger users.

To activate RCS you have to turn ON the “enhanced features”, “Send read receipts” and “Show typing indicators” in the settings of Google Messenger. Moreover, To enable these features Battery optimizations should be turned off for Messenger in order for it to stay connected in the background.

If anyone of you get RCS in your Google MEssenger App than do share your experiences via comments.


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