Google often updates the design elements of their apps, platforms, etc and recently we have seen the same in the case of Android version P. The new Android P packs a lot of new revolutionary features but in this article, we will be sharing some up to date information with you. In past few hours folks over at Android Police. They have attached an image which shows the new search bar design which Google might update in the upcoming days, so let’s check out some in-depth facts about it.

If you are a regular user of Google then you may have noticed the normal rectangular search bar design that they are using for ages now. This time the new image is showing some interesting variations in it. In the fresh image, one can clearly observe that the new search bar appears rounded from the corners. Along with that some minor tweaks have also been made. The “G” logo is no more embedded in a blue flat shape. The categories that are shown below the search bar now appears without a box-like structure.

As per the source, the tipster was only able to experience this sort of interface in the incognito mode. He don’t know why but in regular mode this type of search bar was not arriving. This design looks familiar to us as almost similar rounded elements can be seen in the fresh Android version P.


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