Google Search Device Comparison feature now visible for some users


Google is testing a new feature that makes easy to compare between two devices. Such that the comparison is obtained at the top of the Google Search result itself. In fact, certain users are now able to see the comparison table on search results whenever they search for two devices with “vs” separating them. For example, Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL.

According to the source, first few rows are condensed form of specifications. After that tapping the blue button expands it to show the full comparison. Moreover, there’s a toggle to highlight differences between the two. But, they’ve also mentioned that the feature currently doesn’t work with three or more devices.

Apparently, it’s a hard hit for websites that compares the devices. Since, netizens won’t probably enter into another website if they’re getting the needed results within the Google search. However, it’s quite weird that the specifications of a single device can’t be attained by Google search. Most probably, that too may get added in coming days.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to access the comparison feature currently on my device. And, I’m quite sure that most of you also may not be seeing it. If not, let us know more about the new add-on in the comment section below.


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