Google shows Project Soli Touchless Interactions on Smartwatch

Project SOLI

Google’s Project Soli is having a radar Technology which enables new types of Touchless interactions with your devices. Currently they will first start inserting this chip into the wearable like smartwatches and other Digital Devices later on. Today Google unviels the new chip with the demonstration on smartwatch.

By this new chip you will be able to navigate through the elements of the watch by simply moving your hand closer to the watch. The technology is still in its early stages so typing naturally isn’t as fast as simply using a touch screen keyboard, but it’s not terribly slow and looks immensely cool. But this is the project which completely changes the user interaction on Digital Devices.

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The Project Soli Team is also planing to release a developer kit so that developers can create new interactions and applications of this. SO, with this announcement we can expect some wearable devices with this technology very soon in future.

You can also watch our Coverage on Google I/O 2016



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