Google maps

Google always update its Maps app with new things. At Google I/O 2018, company has announced several new features for Google Maps. These features are yet to be made live in the app. This time around Google is testing a floating category search bar in Google Maps.

Google maps

The bar appears on the right side of layers button when you scroll in Maps. The testing might be very limited right now in the latest Google Maps Beta. The Floating bar categories can be moved from right to left to reveal more. In the gif there are only six categories in the bar i.e. restaurants, cafes, super markets, gas stations, pharmacies, and hospitals. Tapping on particular category simply starts search the map according to that category.

Recently, Google has launched many new features in its Maps app. Google introduced “Wheelchair Accessible” routes along with notifications for transit maps and more.

However, we don’t have any more info regarding the floating bar right now. We will let you know if any new info surfaces, Stay connected with us!


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