YouTube Kids

YouTube is a very well known video platform developed by Google. YouTube has its several versions including YouTube Red, YouTube Kids, etc. YouTube Kids, as its name suggests it is targeted to the junior audience out there. Google has used several algorithms for this platform to work accurately.

But often this app fails to filter the results as per children due to which it is condemned by a majority of the audience. Now some fresh piece of information suggests that Google may soon be bringing a new version of this application. So let’s check out more about it.

According to the source BuzzFeed, the new app version will allow parents to switch between normal and the new whitelisted option. With the availability of this feature, the parents will be able to switch between the algorithmic and non-algorithmic variants. YouTube has earlier agreed to the fact that their algorithm is not that great. Sometimes it fails to work due to which the content giving misleading information appears on the YouTube Kids creating worries for the guardians.

This new version will deliver next level of accuracy. Because of which there will be no worries for the parents regarding the content their child is watching. Google has not revealed anything about this forthcoming feature but they neither have denied to this fact. According to the team Google they always try to update their apps with the much-needed features. Though they haven’t even said a word about this rumor. According to us, YouTube team is currently working on this forthcoming feature/option and they will soon be upgrading their app with it. For more Tech related updates stay tuned to us.


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