Google makes APKs secure

Google believes in development and almost all the time their team is working on some new plans for the future. This time some new and indigestible information is coming about the brand. According to the facts the firm is working on a censored version of its search bar. This will be limited to the China region and it will block the content which has been disapproved by the Chinese government. A lot more information is available to us, so let’s know more about it in the next paragraph.

A new report is coming into highlights and it belongs to the source “The Intercept”. According to them, this project has been code-named as Dragonfly. This project is in development for more than a year now and will only allow the unrestricted information to be viewed by the general public. In case you folks don’t know Chinese government has quite strict policies and rules. This will help filter the results on the search engine and will limit the user to view restricted information.

As suggested by the documents this will even block the websites like BBC and Wikipedia. It seems like Google is taking advantage of the regional policies. As mentioned above the Chinese government maintains strict rules against online content associated with sex, free speech, anti-authoritarian views, etc. This might appear unfair and useless strategy to some but Google has to run and grow its business under the given guidelines by a country or region. So for more tech updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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