Google To Use OpenJDK in Android N


A big shift is coming to the Android’s core development. Earlier, Android runs with the implementation of the Java application programming interfaces (APIs). Now it is going to be replaced by OpenJDK which will allow to use features of Java 8 version.

openjdk android


The news first came by a “mysterious Android codebase commit” from last month submitted to Hacker News. Google is going with this open source JDK because Android is an “open-source platform” and it also allows them to make “more contributions to the OpenJDK project.”

OpenJDK is simple to implement directly into Android and its apps. There are special elements like lambda expressions, which OpenJDK supports, and pass the benefits to app programmers.

For users it is not going to matter much, but we can see some new features which can be earlier compressed or minimised in a better organised way.