project baseline

Google’s Project baseline is now running its maiden month out of the long 4 years tenure. In order to ease out the participants, Google has issued a new Android app for the participants. The app will ease out operations for Google and the participants also.

project baseline

As a flashback, those who don’t know the Project Baseline, it is a program which gives answers and defines what a healthy human is? Under the Baseline Study Google will analyze 200 Humans for 4 years. Later, they will add thousands to actually know the definition of Healthy Human Being along with several other definitions.

They will collect data from different human beings which includes the participant’s full genomes, captured from bodily fluids and tissue samples, as well as genetic information about their parents, and the results of a battery of tests. They will also check the sleeping routines, working schedule and other metrics like heartbeat, etc with different smart gadgets.

The project will undergo for 4 years before concluding the results.


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