galaxy note 5 fron twith stick

You want to dual boot or multiboot your Samsung Galaxy Note 5? Here’s the guide you need to follow. This method is tried and tested on SM-N920C variant Note 5. XDA Senior Member 54NJ4 has done testing on his phone. Well, Before proceeding here’s Disclaimer:

galaxy note 5 fron twith stick
1. We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,etc.
2. Before going further! YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

Here are suported devices( Tested and confirmed working):
SM-N920C : noblelte (Tested by me )
SM-N900P (Sprint): nobleltespr (Tested )

Things you need to own:

  • You need to backup backup your device before proceeding for the flash.
  • Backup your phone if you are doing this first time. (Full Nandroid backup recommended for the newcomers and it’s also recommended to others who don’t know what they are doing exactly even if they have multi booted several times)
  • Rooted Note 5 with custom recovery (preferred TWRP or philz). free space in your internal SD (for example a TW rom could take up to 6.5GB )


  1. Download your desired Rom which you want to use for multi booting and the mods, addons, Kernel etc for the same. Keep the files in your internal memory.
  2.  Download the most recent snapshot release of Dual Boot Patcher and install it on your Note 5.
  3. Open Dual Boot Patcher and grant SU permission. Then go to ROMS and you will see your Primary rom, press the 3dotmenu key and click “set kernel”.
  4. Then In Dual Boot Patcher go to Patch Zip File and Choose nobleltespr – samsung galaxy note 5 from the device drop down menu.
  5. In the Partition configuration drop down menu select “Data Slot”.
  6. Below that you have to enter the ID of the secondary rom.(Example 1, 2, 3, etc. – it will take it as /data/multiboot/data-slot-1)
  7. Now tap on the below button to choose the ROM’s, Kernel and mods to patch them and make them perfect for Multi booting.
  8. Always remember to keep same slot ID for the kernels and mods same as the rom. (Example: if you want to flash the kernel to the data-slot-1 rom then you have to select the same ID that’s 1 or if you want to flash the kernel to the data-slot-2 rom then you have to select the same ID that’s 2.)
  9. Now press the tap to begin patching button to patch the file. And you will get a new patched zip file in the same location.
  10. patch the kernel also for your rom with same id because most if the roms comes with out kernel so we have to patch the kernel and flash it along with the rom.
  11. Now Boot into custom recovery and flash the new patched rom followed by the patched kernel without wiping anything and reboot.
  12. And your device will boot into New Rom.
  13. Install the Dual Boot Patcher app and set the kernel for your second ROM as well.
  14. To switch between roms
    •Open Dual Boot Patcher app/roms and click on primary or secondary rom as you like and reboot.
    * Important things to keep in mind: while installing a rom or mod with Aroma installer don’t reboot directly from the aroma.
    You have to always uncheck the last option to reboot in aroma and click finish. So it can finish the final steps for multi booting.
    And if you miss that it will only reboot to recovery. To boot back you have to flash your primary rom kernel or re-flash the patched rom.

If you face any problem here’s the original thread.


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