Here’s The Reason Behind Galaxy Note7’s Exploding Batteries


Samsung’s latest flagship device, Galaxy Note 7 has been in the news for the wrong reason lately. The device was doing very well in terms of sales until some units across the world exploded due to faulty batteries. Samsung immediately called for a global recall and now the Korean smartphone manufacturer has also explained the reason for all those exploding Note 7 batteries.


It is news that faulty batteries from Samsung’s own subsidiary are to blame for the explosions, but while Samsung refuses to confirm this, they have explained how the batteries explode. This occurs due to the overheating of the batteries caused by the contact between anode and cathode, the oppositely charged electrodes of the battery. There have been 35 explosions in USA, South Korea and Taiwan combined. Thankfully, none of them caused any loss or damage to life.

Samsung refuses to accept that the faulty batteries are Samsung’s own and says “Unfortunately we will not be able to confirm this as we work with several suppliers.”


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