HTC 10 Teaser Hints Of ‘fastest and smoothest Android’


HTC 10 is in news and we get atleast couple of rumor, leak in a day. Rumor mill is churning out HTC 10 rumors at really good pace. Today, we have got its listing on gfx benchmark and now its teaser has been surfaced.

htc 10'fastest and smoothest Android'

HTC is set to Debut the HTC 10 on April 12¬†and, company has been teasing different aspects of it using the hashtag #powerof10. In past, company has already tased about its¬†speaker, cameras, etc. This time a tweet from HTC India depicts its performance with a tagline of ‘fastest and smoothest Android’,

Well, its coming out way this April 12, we have to wait and watch and what HTC has embedded that they are saying it as ‘fastest and smoothest Android’.

How many of you are waiting for HTC 10?