What Is HTC Boom Bass?


HTC today announced various new devices and added some new colors to old devices. But the thing we missed is HTC Boom Bass. Now what’s this? Let me get you on track – its rechargeable, portable speaker adds extra low-end to your HTC phone to give a warmer, richer sound.

htc boom bass

As according to the press release HTC BoomBass is a Bluetooth subwoofer, combines with the One family’s HTC BoomSound to offer a fully-immersive audio experience like no other.

HTC is doing decent job by giving new accessories to its One lineup but these haven’t seen much success. It will also act like a stand for your phone.

How to connect Boom Bass? In order to get it working you need to tap your HTC One on to the top of the speaker and NFC does the rest, pairing the two instantly.

Technically its packed with 1200 mAh of battery which will deliver around 9 hours of music and 120 hours of standby waiting for you to press play on your phone.

Today HTC Laos announced Desire 300 and 601.

Image Source: The Verge, Engadget


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