Photos were recently leaked of a yet-unannounced Huawei device and it looks like Huawei took some tips from HTC on designing this one. The device which is none other than the Ascend D3 looks pretty much the same like HTC One Max.


This is how the Ascend D3 looks like. The device on the left is the HTC One Max with the Huawei logo just to makeit easier to see the similarities between the two smartphones. And from what we can see there’s not much difference between this and the HTC One Max. Apparently, the only two differences between the One Max and the Ascend D3 seem to be the Ascend lacking front-facing speakers and sporting sporting thinner bezels that the One Max. But we’re not too sure as the phoo quality is poor.

HTC One Max

The Ascend D3 could boast of a very good camera with a big lens as the camera hole suggests. Rumors also suggest the hole beneath the camera could be fitted with a finger-print sensor.

Huawei is also working on a new chipset, reportedly the Huawei Kirin 920 which could make its debut on this device. The Ascend D3 will be out in the market by September.


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