huawei patent

Many changes are taking place in the smartphone industry. Notably, the design of new devices is getting significant changes this year. There are many new things or elements we have seen in the modern era of devices. Xiaomi has introduced its Mi Mix 3 slider device, OnePlus has stuck to water drop display, and other many others are preparing for further changes.

huawei patent

Similarly, Huawei is also changing its design aspect, and the new design formation can be seen in the new patent that the Chinese company has registered. As per the patent documents, Huawei has designed a new smartphone with a hole in its front side for the earpiece. Although, it is not much different the new hole is making some rounds. The new patent has surfaced at USPTO.

Huawei is testing the new design for not the first time, and they have some patients registered to them in the past also. Although, the new Huawei device doesn’t have any mention about the front camera and other sensors. We hope the same hole will pack every necessary thing.

Well, whatever the thing is, the new patent appears somewhat different and arising some new questions in our minds. We hope Huawei have answers for all those. We can expect a real phone with the same design in the upcoming sometime.



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