Couple of days ago, Huawei had suddenly pulled the plug of its official bootloader unlock key providing webpage. Since then, the future of unofficial development of Huawei/Honor devices were left in uncertainty. Literally, most of the Huawei owners feared that Huawei is going to shut down the service. Unfortunately enough, that’s exactly what Huawei up to, as it’d confirmed the shut down of the service completely in few days.

The news should be really hard to digest for the unofficial developers and custom rom enthusiasts. Despite that, Huawei justify the deed by an announcement made through its EMUI bootloader unlock page.

The reason stated on the announcement is “to provide better user experience and avoid issues caused by ROM flashing“. It also adds – The service will be stopped in 60 days for devices released before May 24. Which means, old Huawei devices have about two months and new devices will lie bootloader unlocked for ever unless any change of mind occurs over the course of time.

That said, to be on a safer side, it’s the time to react for the existing Huawei/Honor device owners who haven’t yet generated an unlock code for the device. You people have got only 60 days left to grab one and save it for the future, if not of any use today though.

Since, this is the era of budding Project Treble we can expect lots of custom GSI(Generic System Images) already available for Treble compatible Huawei/Honor devices. In order to flash them, foremost thing needed to be done is to get the bootloader unlocked. Hence, make sure that you have generated one before the time exceeds.

As the webpage is re-opened for 60 more days so as to give the old device owners a last chance. You can click here to raise a request for unlocking the bootloader of your Huawei/Honor device.




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