humble mobile bundle

This year again Handygames is here with Humble Bundle 2016. This year there are various quality games packed in for casual gamers and some full throttle gamers. Those who are not familiar with Humble Bundle then us shed some light on that. The price you pay for bundle is divided to charity and some part is given to developers. It offer a bunch of Android games for much lower prices than normal. Today, the latest such bundle went live and it gives Android games a chance to snag as many as 15 titles from publisher HandyGames.

humble mobile bundle

You can pay USD$1.00 or more and you get these games – 1941 Frozen Front, Aces of the Luftwaffe, Aporkalypse, Clouds & Sheep, and Guns’n’Glory WW2. Of course, $1 dollar is the minimum purchase these days.

By paying $3 you can get game titles – Rocket Island, Ninja Hero Cats, Guns’n’Glory Zombies, Stage Dive Legends, and Devils & Demons.

Pay $5 for or more, you can get– 1942 Pacific Front, Clouds & Sheep 2, Townsmen, Guns’n’Glory Heroes, and Dynamite Fishing-World Games.

Also you can download all titles for $40. Hit the link below to Download the latest Humble Bundle.

Source: BundleHumble


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