As we are done with the Apps and games that are on sale this week. We are here with the Icon packs that are on sale this week. These icon packs were on sale last week, Icon Packs on-sale this weekend on Google Play Store. There are an adaptive launcher icon can display a circular shape on one OEM device, and display a squircle on another. The feature was quite new to Android world then.

icon packs

This item also, there are plenty of Icons Packs on Play Store that are on discount. So, these sales are awesome chance for the users who want to change the Icon packs on daily basis. Even there are some parties who’d like to change the icons weekly.

This week we have more than 10+ icon packs that are available on teh Google Play Store this week. So, please make sure to checkout each and every Icon pack as the sale is time limited. So, you can get Icon Packs that are on Sale In the list below.

Play Store Icon Packs on Sale

  • [Icon Packs] Grand Icon Packs ($0.99 -> Free) Download
  • [Icon Packs] Cuadrix – Icon Pack ($0.99 -> Free 7 Days) Download
  • [Icon Packs] Multiple Packs from A1 Design ($0.99 -> Free) Download
  • [Icon Packs] Plastimix Icon Pack ($0.99 -> Free) Download
  • [Icon Packs] Black & White HD – Icon Pack ($0.99 -> Free) Download
  • [Icon Packs] BOLT Icon Pack $1.99 – Free Download
  • [Icon Packs] Aspire UX S9 – Icon Pack (SALE!) $3.49 – Free Download
  • [Icon Packs] Circle Max – Icon Pack ($0,99 -> Free) Download
  • [Icon Packs] Windows 10 – Icon Pack ($0.99 -> free) Download
  • [Icon Packs] Aolix – Icon Pack (0,59€ –> Free)  Download
  • [Icon Packs] “SIMPAX ICON PACK” ($1.99 -> $0.99) Download
  • [Icon Packs] Birin – Icon Pack (US$0.48 -> FREE) Download
  • [Icon Packs] Lohigno Design Most Icon Packs Free– Download
  • [Icon Packs] Dual Shadow – Icon Pack $0.99 – Free Download

Google Play Store deals are time limited and are mostly available on weekends. For more deals and offers in the world of Google Play Store, hit our exclusive Deals Section.


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