IDC: OnePlus tops online sales chart by 57% share in India’s premium segment


A latest report based on Online Sales, by IDC shows OnePlus supremacy in India’s flagship segment. The data puts the OnePlus at top with an absolute majority of 57% market share. Literally, outshining the Cupertino-Giant Apple, and terribly surpassing the Korean-Giant – Samsung.

Earlier, OnePlus was crowned as the most popular and trusted flagship vendor of India. And, this data is another proof of OnePlus acceptance among common Indians. Thanks to the wallet-friendly flagship killers from the Chinese smartphone maker. To be precise, the two latest OnePlus devices, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5.

Apple Occupied Second Position, Samsung at distant third

It is to be noted that, the IDC data is applicable for the Q2 section of this year. According to chart, OnePlus is followed by Apple and then Samsung. Apple acquired a market share of 38 percent, whereas the third position holder, Samsung is far behind them with just 4% market share in Q2 this year. The remaining negligible 1% of market share combinedly belongs to other smartphone vendors including Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei and so on.

Although, OnePlus tops in Online market share, the case may not be true or totally different if offline market is also considered. Since, the two tycoon Samsung and Apple had got a strong offline presence in India, long before and now. Interestingly, Oppo is also a key player in Offline markets and is doing considerably well in India.


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