InfiniteUSB is a new kind of USB port with USB Cable which allows you to connect as many devices as you want. The device was a concept by Chinese design student Gonglue Jiang and five years later the device is going into production.


InfiniteUSB is a new type of USB charging cable that has ends that are able to stack like nesting dolls into the back of the connector from the USB cable in front of it. It is a new kind of functionality that we are going to see in bulk in the upcoming years on various devices. We can expect, similar lighting ports and many other ports in upcoming time.

InfiniteUSB is an open chain of USB ports, granting an unlimited supply of open slots! Whenever a new InfiniteUSB is plugged in, a new USB port will be created. Instead of forcing you to constantly hot swap devices into that one port, InfiniteUSB keeps all your cables connected, with only one port from your laptop.

InfiniteUSB cables start at $10, and will also come in varieties that support microUSB and Lightning connectors.


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