Instagram brings Story Archive and Story Highlights

Today, Instagram announced two new features and trust me they will make your experience even more better. The features tend to change the popular stories and make it more interesting.

Instagram the social networking photo sharing app has been added with the new feature named ‘ Story Archive’. With the name archive we can understand that it will be related to saving your present stories. So now the 24 hr expiration feature has been changed. So from today you can save your stories for a period more than 24 hours. And the best part is that only you who can see your ‘Story Archive’. If you want you can also turn off the feature.

The next feature added by Facebook owned Instagram is ‘Story Highlights‘. Under this feature your archived stories will highlight over your profile. So like if you have some recent pictures of a event you attended, you would save them to your profile under ‘The wedding event’. So whenever anyone visits your profile he/she will be able to see the story under that name.

Both the new features are all set to enrich the story content. This will make your profile even more better and clutter free. This update rolls out today for both Android and IOS devices. If you have comments regarding the new update do share them below in comments section.



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