Instagram comes up two poll option for stories in Latest Update


We love expressing ourselves through pictures and that’s why we always love posting pictures. But, one thing that we never come to know that whether our friends are liking what we do? Whether our social friends like what we share or like what we post.


So here Instagram has come up with a new update for you guys. A new two option polling system for your story.

So now from next time when put up a new story on instagram you can as well drop a poll over it. Once you have made a video or clicked a picture you just select the poll sticker and place it anywhere over the post. Along with that you can even add more stickers if you want to along with some write up. After you are all done you can share he picture or video.

So once your followers start looking at the story, they can start voting as well. The best part is that you will know who voted for what. You also get love updates when your followers vote.

The story lasts for 24 hours so does the polling option.Once the time is done, both disappear.

Well, i feel it is an interesting feature.

You guys can comment below about how did you find this new feature.



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