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Compared to the iOS platform Instagram was not that smooth on Android from the beginning. It still suffers from certain flaws and a one was recently faced by users. According to a number of users of Instagram including us have faced an issue where Instagram crashes suddenly while navigating or opening. Instagram has finally confirmed on a social media platform that their service has suffered from an issue but it has been fixed. So let’s check out some in-depth information about the bug.

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Yesterday while going through Instagram I have noticed sudden app crashes which were not letting me open the app. Instagram has today confirmed that their app has suffered from a bug due to which Instagram was crashing. According to the firm this issue has been successfully fixed for all devices. To solve this problem we have tried reinstalling the app and luckily it resolved the issue for us. Instagram has also revealed that reinstalling app fixes this issues.

For the users who have tried this method, the new update for Instagram is available which is also aimed to fix the existing problems. This problem has mainly reported by the users of Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, etc. Still, the fact behind this issue is unknown and has not shared by the firm. Instagram has confirmed that the issue has been fixed and for the users who are still facing it can try reinstalling the app as we do. Users can install the latest version of Instagram to take over the existing problems. For more updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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