instagram direct

Instagram releases Direct, a standalone messaging app. Direct is a new Instagram companion app to send and receive messages. Installing Direct app will remove the message section from the Instagram app. The app will be available in handful of countries starting today on both Android and iOS.

instagram direct

The app consists of three screens. Opening the app, you will see camera similar to Snapchat. Swiping right will display your profile which also includes settings, option to switch accounts and options to access different functions of Instagram. And swiping left will reveal your recent chats (Direct Inbox) similar to what you see now in your Instagram app.

You can also open Instagram app directly from the Direct app. All you have to do is swipe left once you are in the Direct inbox to reveal Instagram icon which will direct you to the Instagram app. In the same way, you can open or access Direct app from the main Instagram app.

This is the same move which Instagram’s parent company Facebook did with its app couple of years back. To recall, Facebook forced users to install Messenger app to chat with friends. Thus, Facebook now has three individual messaging apps – WhatsApp, Messenger and Direct.

The Direct app will be available inĀ Israel, Italy, Chile, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay starting today both on Android and iOS. The app will make its way to other markets once it gets out of the testing phase.


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