Instagram is now experimenting a new feature that basically limit the users from capturing a screenshot of the Stories posted by their friends/followers. Such that, whenever someone takes a screenshot of the stories the creator will be notified. In short, no more screenshots without getting noticed by the original poster, provided the feature becomes live.

Instagram Stories screenshot

Since the feature is now on testing phase, only users that are part of the test are able to have a sneak peek of it. The test users are now receiving a pop-up that warns them that the next time they take a screenshot of a person’s story the person will be made aware of it. And the warning goes as shown below.

Instagram Stories screenshot

To know who all have taken the screenshots, the creator can head over to the list of story viewers. Where a new camera shutter logo present next to anyone, means that the person had taken a screenshot/screenvideo of the story.

As you know, the popular Stories feature on all most all every social media that supports it has a short span of life. To be precise, 24Hrs of existence and it gets automatically disappeared. Similarly, lack of options to download the stories was another limitation.

Though it’s all meant for security purpose, taking screenshots of the posted stories were however unrestricted. Literally, most of the IG users exploited this technique to save the posted stories, and the creator, of course, will be unknown of the fact. Now, that loophole also being patched, or at least getting under control. It’s to be seen how the majority of IG users react to the new add-on.


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