Instagram Show Activity Status

Instagram, the widely used social media for sharing pictures is now getting new features every now and then. However, some of the lately added features are more frustrating than useful such as the suggested posts. But, some are useful like the ability to follow hashtags, archive stories and others. Now, Instagram brings option to show your activity status, i.e users can now know when you are online.

Instagram Show Activity Status

It’s very disappointing when we can’t know when our friends are online. All the messaging apps let users know when their contacts are online. Also, they provide option to switch it off. The same feature is now added to Instagram which can be found under settings as ‘Show Activity Status’. By default, it is turned on but you can disable if you prefer to. This feature is available on Instagram’s latest update which is v29. Thus, if you are not on the latest version, update your app from the Play Store.

Though this new addition is welcoming, Instagram has lately been trying to be like its parent social media Facebook which is kind of messy right now. Let us hope that Instagram does not become like Facebook in near future as it is following its footprints. Do let us know your thoughts on Instagram’s transformation in the comment section below.


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