Stop anything you’r doing and search Zerg Rush on Google and Play Game there. The dreaded Zerg Rush – a strategy that was once considered to be unbeatable in the hands of an extremely skilled Zerg player in Starcraft, but it has since been balanced out, but is still a nail biting experience. Its very crazy, wacky, cooky, fun stuff.

Lots of capital ‘O’ letters descend on the screen and gradually gobble up all the words and images. One of the ‘O’ letters is distinctly similar to the ‘O’ on web browser firm Opera’s branding.

You can fight the ‘Os’ by moving your cursor as a target and zapping them. Defeat is inevitable though, as the entire pack will congregate to form the letters “GG”, which stands for “Good Game” in gaming parlance. Do you remember ‘Let It Snow’?


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