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Samsung’s 10th anniversary smartphone, the upcoming Galaxy S10 (or whatever it may be called then) is under the media scanner nowadays. Lots of interesting as well as certain bummers regarding the device has been revealed so far. However, as the device is expected to flaunt a drastic design overhaul, a concrete proof of the design hasn’t been out yet. Nonetheless, it seems the Samsung itself wants us to give a sneak peek of the device design.

In a quite surprising situation, the latest Android Pie beta for the Galaxy Note 9 teases a device with no or minimal top bezels. It’s on the Night Theme settings where Samsung has placed the device which we’d never seen from the South Korean Giant till now. Since the previous leaks and rumors suggest Samsung to push the display all over the top on the Galaxy S10, the device in deed should be the Galaxy S10.

Albeit a bummer for some, it’s almost confirmed that Samsung has even ditched it’s marquee, Iris Scanner for the sake of minimising top bezels and making the way for Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensors.

It’s pertinent to mention here that Samsung has a norm of revealing the key design of its upcoming flagships through the betas. Remember how the S7 Nougat beta spilled the S8, while the S8 Oreo beta showcased the S9. Hence, it’s not far from the realm of possibily that the current S9/N9 betas to have the S10 layout.

Whatever might be on Samsung’s mind, what you guys have to say about the device features on the Night Theme settings? Do you think it in deed is the Galaxy S10. If yes, are you excited to see the Galaxy S10 with such design? Let us know in the comment section below.


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