If you’re now under the beta channel of Google Maps on Play Store, then you might’ve received a new beta update this time around. Since, Google has gradually started rolling out Google Maps beta version 9.70 yesterday onwards. Not received yet? Relax and wait for some time as it’d take a while for the update to be visible on every beta users end.

So, what’s new with this beta release. Honestly speaking, there is no notable changes or features debuting. However, as per AndroidPolice option to add/remove visited place manually seems to be the new add-on. It can be accessed via ‘Visited’ tab on the Maps app. As you already know, the tab enlists the places you’ve visited. To be precise, the places Google Maps has detected that you’ve stayed for considerable amount of time.

But, what if the Maps saves any of the place incorrect. Here’s where the option to manually add/remove the visited place becomes handy. Such that if any the wrong location was identified and highlighted, it could be corrected manually, not only to other nearby places as possible earlier, but to any places that we manually choose.

Google Maps v9.70 APK TearDown

Well the change that is live on the beta has mentioned above and for most of us it wont’ be of much importance. But, it has proved to be a source of some handful of features or improvements that we’d be able to see in upcoming Google Maps update. A teardown done on the APK package by AndroidPolice reveals a lot: Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Shortcuts: Custom searches: A new shortcut may soon be coming to the maps, if the inactive codes present in the app is made live. If that happens, users’ll be able to define a search category or define certain keywords, just like how you’d with the search box. When you hit the shortcut, it will immediately perform that search based on your current location, or perhaps based on the area you’re viewing.
  2. Your directions: The feature as itself will be called “Your Directions” if live. Though, exactly it’s unclear what it does, it might be a tool for saving the parameters of a trip that can be restored later, with options to edit, rename, delete or even to create a shortcut.
  3. Adding details to food photos: Probably the function allow users to add details about the photos of food and drinks they’ve submitted.
  4. Transit instructions to include walking and wait times                        
  5. Showtimes and ticket sales

Download Google Maps beta APK

Already a Google Maps beta user! update the app via Play Store, which’s safe and right way to do.


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