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A couple of weeks ago, an update pushed through the Canary channel brought a significant improvement to the Magisk. Basically, bypassing the root detection method employed by popular and advanced games such as FGO and Fortnite Mobile. Nonetheless, the update being a Canary build with plenty of bugs and crash-prone, the Magisk users were waiting for its public beta. Finally, their wait seems to end here as the latest Magisk 17.2 beta is live with all those features seen on the previous Canary build and much more.

The core Magisk is getting an update to the Magisk 17.2 from the previous v17.1. While its counterpart and equally important, the Magisk Manager has bumped up the version all the way to 6.0.0 from 5.8.0.

The detailed changelogs of the latest Magisk and Magisk Manager sourced directly from the official Magisk XDA thread are dropped below.


  • Magisk v17.2
    – [ResetProp] Update to AOSP upstream to support serialized system properties.
    – [MagiskInit] Randomize Magisk service names to prevent detection (e.g. FGO).
    – [MagiskSU] New communication scheme to communicate with Magisk Manager.
  • Magisk Manager v6.0.0
    – Update to latest AndroidX support library.
    – Fix crashes when online repos contain incomplete metadata.
    – Optimize BootSigner to use as little memory as possible, prevent OutOfMemoryError
    – Support new communication scheme between Magisk v17.2 and Magisk Manager.
    – Enable excessive obfuscation to prevent APK analysis root detections (still not 100% obfuscated due to backwards compatibility with stable channel).

While most of the changes are not for the faint of heart, the one thing that users will have direct profit with the update is the implementation of Randomized Service Names. The dev claims that this will prevent some apps such as Fate Grand Order and Fortnite Mobile to detect whether Magisk services are running on your device. Indeed, it’s a great breakthrough which allows the users to play these high-end games even on rooted devices.

Download Latest Magisk Stable (17.1), Latest Magisk Beta 17.2, Latest Uninstaller and Latest Magisk Manager 6.0.0


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