LG Announces European Launch Of Optimus 4X HD


LG today announced Optimus 4X HD for European markets  LG Optimus 4X HD was announced back at the MWC in February. It will not be available through out whole Europe but Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Italy and other Major European countries nationals will have chance to hands on it. It is powered by a quad-core, Tegra 3-powered handset with a 720p IPS display, the 4X HD is the first European handset to debut LG’s new Optimus UI 3.0, which runs on top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and 8 megapixel camera unit with FullHD video recording.

Guys other details are not out yet and its availability will vary country wise but we are sure soon you will have Optimus 4X HD in your hands.

Via: Engadget



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