LG Nexus 5 Coming In October: Korean Reports


Nexus Lovers, Here once again, LG Nexus 5 has been reported to be launching this month as said by Korean daily. No further details are revealed about Nexus 5, a smartphone developed with the cooperation of Google.

nexus5 october

Further as according to report LG is coming with the rumored Flexible display device. Its also said that LG is going to launch Firefox OS based device in coming next months. LG is going to launch many other devices which they have already showcased, following the similar trend like Samsung.

“Both flexible display phone and Firefox OS phone are being developed according to their release schedules,” said an LG Electronics Insider.

LG Electronics’ flexible display smartphone is expected to be the world’s second following ‘Galaxy Round’ released recently by Samsung Electronics. Unlike the curved design of the Samsung Galaxy Round, LG’s so called G Flex will be curved horizontally.

LG’s Firefox OS device seems to get good attention as its going to be the first device on Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

Well, Currently we are eagerly waiting for Nexus 5. Are you?

Source: ETNews


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