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Every week, now and then, we bring you a list of apps, games, and icon packs which are on sale on Play Store. Thus, we help you, our readers to get the premium apps for free or at a lower price. And now, we are back once again with a list, solely dedicated to premium apps, icon packs, and games which are currently free on the Play Store.

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Before getting to the list, we would like you to inform that all the apps, icon packs, and games listed here are premium (paid). Under the deal, some of them go for completely free or at a massively discounted price. But, here we have compiled the list which only contains the apps which are free for a limited time. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list and download the apps of your choice.

Limited Time Google Play Store Deals

Below is the list comprising of apps, icon packs, and games which are temporarily free on the Play Store. As it is a limited time deal, get them before it’s too late.

Sr. No.




Play Store Link

01Icon PackTemporal – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
02Icon PackPerfect Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
03AppRay Watermark – Watermark Photos with QR,Logo,Text$1.99 FREEDownload
04AppRelationship Guide FULL$5.99 FREEDownload
05AppPhoto Guide FULL$2.99 FREEDownload
06AppKnots Video Guide 2$2.99 FREEDownload
07GameExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant VIP$0.99 FREEDownload
08AppFly GPS Pro with Joystick$5.49 FREEDownload
09GameMath Challenges PRO 2018 – Puzzles for Geniuses$0.99 FREEDownload
10AppConverter – Offline Material Unit Measurements$0.99 FREEDownload
11AppHome Workouts Gym Pro (No ad)$2.59 FREEDownload
12GameCustodians of Space$0.99 FREEDownload
13AppCalculator Vault: Hide Photos & Videos + Applock$1.00 FREEDownload
14GameHoney Jump$0.99 FREEDownload
15GameA-2481$0.99 FREEDownload
16GameTruck Driver Simulator Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
17Icon PackSunoi – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
18AppBinary Calculator Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
19Icon PackBits – Icon Pack Oreo$0.99 FREEDownload
20AppBusiness Calculator Pro$1.49 FREEDownload
21Icon PackSweetbo – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
22Icon PackPlanet O – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
23Icon PackGlass Black – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
24Icon PackCircle Max – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
25Icon PackColor Metal 1 – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
26Icon PackCubemax 3D – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
27Icon PackColor Metal 2 – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
28Icon PackOmlicon – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
29Icon PackNimver – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
30Icon PackYalix – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
31AppThug Boyz Entertainment Ultra$0.99 FREEDownload
32GameMessage Quest – the amazing adventures of Feste$0.99 FREEDownload
33GameASA’s Sailing Challenge$0.99 FREEDownload
34GameMath Riddles and Puzzles 2018$0.99 FREEDownload
35Icon PackGX S8 Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
36Icon PackOSX Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
37AppMayan Mystery 3D Pro lwp$0.99 FREEDownload
38AppChristmas 3D Live Wallpaper$0.99 FREEDownload
39GameStickman Legends: Shadow War Offline Fighting Game$0.99 FREEDownload
40Icon PackPorent – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
41Icon PackOlix – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
42Icon PackYumlo – Icon Pack $0.99 FREEDownload
43AppUniversal List Pro – Ideas list.$1.99 FREEDownload
44Icon PackSugox – Icon Pack $0.99 FREEDownload
45GameCartoon Craft$1.99 FREEDownload
46GameDinoboom Puzzles$0.99 FREEDownload
47GameDr. Panda Firefighters$2.99 FREEDownload
48GamePassLand VIP : Soccer Hero$0.99 FREEDownload
49Icon PackOreo – Icon Pack$1.49 FREEDownload
50AppIdentify Dog Breeds Pro$0.99 FREEDownload


Hope you guys liked the above-listed apps, icon packs, and games. Stay tuned to GoAndroid for more deal list like this. Also, don’t forget to drop your suggestions and opinions if any in the comment section below.


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