Line adds support to unsend messages


People tend to send wrong messages sometimes. Thus, messaging apps are adding feature to unsend those messages. To recall, WhatsApp added this feature few weeks back. And now, Line too allows users to unsend messages in the latest update.

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In the latest update, Line allows users to unsend messages within 24 hours. While in WhatsApp, user will be able to unsed messages only within 7 minutes. But, however the notifications are displayed for those messages similar to WhatsApp. Also, the recipient will be notified about the deleted message. One can also read the deleted WhatsApp messages via notifcation registry. To know how, check out our article on How to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

The messages that can be unsend in Line are text, voice, stickers, images, videos, URLs, Line Music links, contacts, location information, files, and call history. The messages can be unsend in one to one conversations, multi user chats and group chats. The unsend feature is also live on web versions of Line except on Google Chrome. Also, to use this feature your recipient must have the new updated Line.

If you are a Line user, what do you think of unsending messages ? Were you waiting for this feature for a long time? Let us know in the comment section below.


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