MediaTek will now be able to ship pre-certified Android builds to OEMs


In a first deal of its kind, chipmaker MediaTek has agreed terms with Google for the GMS Express program. If you don’t know what a GMS Express program is, here is a short introduction to get you up to speed.

After an Android smartphone is designed and manufactured, it needs to pass through Google’s compatibility test. This is to ensure that Android API’s can function stably across all hardware. If the new hardware fails to pass, it won’t be allowed to have Google apps pre-installed. This time-consuming certification takes up to three months to complete. That is quite a long time.

This is where the GMS Express comes in. MediaTek promises the same certification approved by Google in less than one month. This should give device makers a chance to reduce costs and bring devices to market earlier after being made. However, this is only possible with MediaTek right now. As it is the first ever sign up for the GMS (Google Mobile Services) Express program.

Manufacturers that sign up for the GMS Express program should also receive regular security patches apart from the perks of easier certification.

Android Partnerships VP, Jim Kolotouros said, “We are excited by MediaTek’s leadership in connection with the GMS Express program, and enabling the OEM ecosystem to develop high-quality devices more quickly, more cheaply, and more easily.”



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