Here’s a milestone for Micromax as it hits the largest Smartphone manufacturer’s list in India. It has taken away this tag from the Korean Giant, Samsung.


In a report issued on February 3, Canalys said Micromax accounted for 22% of smartphone sales in India in the October-December quarter, ahead of Samsung’s 20%. In total, 21.6 million smartphones were sold in India in the period, a 90% surge from a year earlier.¬†Micromax sold 4.6 million devices in India, while Samsung managed 4.4 million sales.

Micromax sells about 15 variants of its smartphones which have tweaks to their hardware or software for a few extra dollars.  The company sells smartphones that are priced between $37 to $323 a handset.

Responding to research firm Canalys’ report that positions Micromax as India’s leading smartphone maker, Samsung has said that it continues to dominate the market with a 34.3% share in volume.


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