Moto X 2016 Leaks Showing redefined rear view


Motorola is here with Moto X 2016 version. Well, the things are not confirmed yet but as per the leak Moto X 2016 is coming with some big face-lift on its rear side.

We have got a leak about the Moto X 2016 according to which a big camera is coming on its rear side. The above picture got leaked from China of a supposed fourth-generation X prototype clearly flaunts a metal unibody-type construction, which may put a surprising end to the Moto Maker customization affair.

If it is real than it will open new market for the Motorola Devices. There are lot of consumers who are looking for metal unibody-type devices. So it seems to be experimental thing from Motorola side and we hope it would help company to garner more sales.

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