MotoMaker for Moto X Now Allows you sync Contacts and Calenders from iCloud


Motorola Motomaker, the ultimate online software that allows you to design and customize your Moto X has brought up a new cool feature for those who are coming from iOS to Motorola’s Moto X.


After buying the Moto X from the Motomaker users would be given a choice, if their they coming in from an iOS device to add their iCloud and Google credentials, and it would let you sync your iOS contacts and calenders with Google.

Though the feature has not been developed fully, but still it is in it’s early development stages. It is expected to increase the functionality by bringing in more personal data from the iClould servers. Though the feature is not new, Sony and HTC phones have the transfer tools that help the consumers coming from iOS, while Nokia had the feature from a long ago, on their Symbian phones.



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