Motorola sends June security patch for Moto C Plus


Motorola has last year announced that it won’t commit any monthly security updates for their smartphones. I am sure most of you must be knowing what monthly security patches are? And well, if you don’t know we will explain it. Monthly security patches are actually packed¬†by Google which smartphone companies send to their smartphones. These security updates are to provide consistent security to your smartphone.

Motorola Moto C Plus front back

And now, Motorola has at last sent the June security patch to Moto C Pus. This could be a setback for future sales of Motorola as we all know security of a smartphone is much needed aspect. Google is every month working on these security patches to make the Android devices much secure.

I guess Moto C Plus must have received the update as it is an OTA update. Otherwise, if you haven’t you will get it soon as it will take time of a week to reach everyone. The update, apart from the June security patch, also consist of some feature enhancements. Further, it packs keystore update which means that all the key types are protected by the hardware.

Before proceeding make sure you need the update or not ? Because you need to remember that you won’t be able to go back to the previous software version.

We even have a doubt regarding Motorola sending Android 8.0 update to Moto C and C plus. But need not to worry as Nougat is also pretty awesome on both the devices.


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