Mozilla Firefox Rocket: New lightweight and fast browser in works


Mozilla is coming with a new browser for users or countries where data is not so cheap. Mozilla has already launched it Firefox Focus in the summers which is specially crafted to take care of privacy needs in today’s world. Mozilla is meddling its ways for different users by launching different browsers. Well, we can say this is better way to engage more popularity rather than focusing on single product or browser.

As per the sources, it is believed the Mozilla will launch the new Firefox Rocket in Indonesia. It is believed that FireFox Rocket is not going to take much space in your phone’s storage, even it will provide you control over privacy.

If we dug deeper, it is also going to be lightweight and fast among all other Mozilla’s FIrefox browsers.

Currently, users who want to try it can useĀ unreleased beta. It can be unstable for your device as of now, but you can try it always without any hiccup.

Mozilla is currently focusing on Indonesia only with this new browser, later it make sense if they launch it in other Asian countries where there’s internet speed is quite low.

We hope the APK to drop soon as the whole build is available on Github.


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