MX Player is one of the best rated, popular and feature packed video player available on Google Play Store. A previous beta update brought a significant feature to the app such that its utility elevated as a both offline and online, video-on-demand media player. Keeping it aside, now a new stable update has been released on the Google Play Store as MX Player 1.10.3.MX Player v1.10.3

Unfortunately, the latest stable MX Player doesn’t include the Online Streaming feature seen in previous beta. However it’s a noteworthy update considering the changelog. Have a look at the changelog below.

MX Player 1.10.3 What’s New?

  • Optimized the app for faster startup
  • Upgraded target API to 26 for better security and performance
  • Fixed NTFS storage issues on NVIDIA Shield & MI BOX 3 with android 8.0
  • Fixed stuttering of some specific videos on HW+ & SW decoders
  • Fixed blank screen issue on split screen mode when screen is locked -> unlocked
  • Fixed issues on loading some external PGS subtitles
  • Fixed orientation & button selection issues on GDPR, Welcome screens

As you can see, the latest update caters optimizations and plenty of fixes that makes the MX Player even better and smooth. Importantly, the video player has been now built targeted at API26 in compliance with the Google’s updated policy for apps on the Google Play Store. Consequently, it’ll be more secure as well as a slight improvement in the performance ought to be noticeable.

Update the latest MX Player to latest version so as to get best out from your favourite video player. If not yet tried the MX Player, download it afresh from the Google Play Store.


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