The new Eelo Mobile OS initiative aims a privacy friendly Android alternative

Its founder, Gael Duval blames Google's Android OS as a spyware for tracking users data.


The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s Android app – Haven was so far making headlines for its capability to convert the device as a surveillance agent. Apparently developed for safeguarding privacy and security of mostly the famous personalities. That being said, here comes another initiative focused on providing privacy to users by uprooting the Google’s dominance on Android OS. To be precise, the new Eelo Mobile OS is the hero here, guaranteeing a secure and privacy-enabled Android alternative.

The budding Eelo project will be backed by Gaël Duval, who had earlier developed a forked version of Linux OS dubbed as Mandrake Linux. Duval is totally against the intense privacy tracking of Google using its Android Operating System. He accuses Google and other current Open-Source OS developers of exploiting the users to sell advertisements by tracking their privacy data. Hence, he underlines it as the main reason for bringing the new Mobile OS, Eelo.

Eelo OS – A LineageOS Derivative Open Source OS

As it should be, the Eelo project is an Open-Source initiative. Interestingly, the founder, Gael Duval explicitly stated that it will be a forked version of LineageOS. Hence, all suite of mainstream applications will be supported without the Google’s hand on it.

Moreover, his objective is to maintain the project as non-profitable and in the public interest. Mainly governed for facilitating an open ecosystem where users privacy are no where compromised.

Well, though the dreams of Duval is as high as the sky, it’s to be seen whether his challenging initiative will triumph with flying colors or not. The detailed port-folio of Gaen Duval and his works can be found on Kickstarter, a start-up domain.


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