New Mozilla Firefox Quantum update tends to make it more faster than Chrome


Mozilla has always been known to provide best services to users via it’s browser Firefox. The thing which users need is a browser which is very speedy, and that’s what Mozilla has been working on from past few years. They are trying to evolve it in a better way so that they can get the fastest loading speed among browsers.

Recently, Mozilla has said that it has been working on an update and soon it is going to launch an update. It will make Firefox even faster than Chrome. Though currently, Firefox is twice as fast as it was before. The new version of Firefox will be version number 57 and will be named as Quantum.

For now, the browser is available in beta version but Mozilla has said that the beta version will be updated to the stable one on November 14. For now those who want download and check the beta update can do that over the Google Play Store.

Well, apart from making the browser faster, Mozilla has also been working on redesigning its design. The interface will be redesigned through its ‘photon Project’. Though the beta version of Mozilla Firefox Quantum is already fast, it can be expected that it will get way more faster once the stable version is released.

Let’s wait till Mozilla comes up with the stable version, but you guys can download the beta version and let us know about the changes.

Download the Firefox beta app on the Google Play Store.


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