Tor browser for Android

Most of us who want to use the internet with privacy and to hide our identity while browsing have been using Orbot and Orfox. Orbot is used to connect to the Tor network while Orfox is used for browsing. But there is a good news for the Tor network users. Now you guys can get these security benefits in form of a new browser app on Android.

Tor Browser for ANdroid

The first Alpha browser is now available for download on Google Play Store. The most important benefit is that it will reduce the complexity of connecting to Tor network. The Tor browser helps you to access internet without any worry of identity theft. Also you can access the websites banned in your particular country. The Tor browser is based on Firefox v60.

The main reason behind coming up with this browser is to make it the only way to connect to Tor network. Though at the moment the browser has a few bugs. It is also not updated with all the features. At the moment users need to connect to Tor network still using Orbot. But soon the browser will itself have this feature. We can say that Tor plans to end it’s support for Orbot which is mostly going to happen by 2019.

To download the browser click here on Play Store.

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