Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei has just now trademarked the term P11. What does this infer? Yeah, the next P-series flagship from the firm ought to be branded as the Huawei P11. In deed, it does nearly end the one year long speculation that the 2018 P-series flagship will be named as P20. Which is considered to be a great bump from its predecessor P10 in terms of chronology.

Huawei P11 Trademark

Unlike the previous application, that Huawei had filed only in the U.S for P20 trademark. The new trademark application for P11 has a reach in the U.S., U.K, Taiwan and some more nations. Consequently, it seems Huawei has no intention of making a huge jump from P10 to P20 directly.

As per a reliable report, Huawei’s online team has also been working on product description pages for Huawei P11 and surprisingly for P12 as well. Apparantly, corroborates the above fact that the Huawei will follow the tradition of naming the devices in orderly manner, at least till the supposed Huawei P12 of 2019. Well, those being unofficial claims, it’d be better to take them with considerable pinch of salt.

As far as the launch date of the upcoming P-Series is considered, it’s yet another uncertainty. If some sources suggest a launch at the event of MWC 2018, others oppose this possibility. As the latter portion points out a belated release around the time of April month. Also, the reasons given for the delay being Huawei’s preparation for an elaborate entry into the US market, and to improve its rumored triple camera technology.


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