Does anyone remember the Nokia Asha phone. They has a like functionality of smartphones at a time when the latter were very costly. For those who don’t remember let me tell you. Those were the ones which featured a touchscreen. The main focus of the device was social networking i.e. Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp. The range of these phones were considered a major part of Nokia’s sale.

Well, you must be thinking why am I talking about it now, HMD has recently trademarked the device with EU intellectual property office. Though we aren’t sure but HMD won’t launch it as a smartphone as already there are many in the market. But mind you, the Nokia Asha phone can be used a smartphone.

But what we feel that HMD will come up with an Android GO Phone. Along with HMD, even Google and Micromax are working on $32 Android Go phone. So this new segment of low priced phones is soon set to enter the market.

Reports, mention that the HMD Nokia Asha will be named as Nokia 1. So guys if you plan to use those pretty Nokia Asha phones again then you can. And the best part is that they don’t cost heavy.

If we have any update we will soon let you know. Till then you can comment below.


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