Google Lens support

The AI powered visual search app is now ready to get roll on the iPad and iPhones. After, the much talk about the Google Lens on Android, now it is made available on the iOS devices. So, if you are looking for Google lens on Apple Store, then you should be happy to know about its availability.

Google Photos version 3.15 is now available on the iOS device. You can directly install it from the App store where it’s been released on the March 3. Currently, the early preview is available for download from the Store. It will take over a week for full rollout on the store and for every user.

Google Lens preview version is now live and is compatible with all iOS devices over the next few weeks.  Usually, it takes some time for the update to reach everyone around the world. Also it is a staged rollout and you should wait for sometime if you have not received it yet.

Google Took to Google Photos official Twitter handle to make the announcement. You can hit the source link below to update your iOS app.

Source: Apple Store


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